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Birthdate:Jun 25
Location:New Hampshire, United States of America
I was born as an illegitimate son of circus folk. After growing tired of being shot out of a cannon, I decided to go to college. I applied to Harvard and MIT, but couldn't get in because "We don't give no diplomas to no circus folk." After that heart-breaking decision, I then decided to attend a two-bit state college, where I rose through the ranks and graduated with a B.A. degree. I applied to said state school's graduate program, but again was told "We don't take no stinkin' circus folk." I graduated in 1991 (in the middle of the second worst recession in memory) and worked temp jobs for 6 years. I had planned on going to Baffin Island to do wolf research, but Mech and Brandenburg got there first, and when I asked to join them, they told me "We don't think no circus folk could do wolf research." So then I took a real job, and life has gone downhill pretty steadily since then.

After 11 years working in the private sectors as a two-way radio repair technician, I recently accepted a job with the Central Bureaucracy where I hope to eventually reach the rank of level 35 bureaucrat. I'm presently at level 99 98 97.

Seriously, I do actually have a BA in Zoology, which is about as useful as a plastic whistle that you'd find in the bottom of a box of Cap'n Crunch. Oh, and University of New Hampshire? As the illustrious Bender put it "Bite my shiny metal arse, meatbags." That's for jerking me around about grad-school. Go ahead UNH alumni association, keep asking me for Alumni donations. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You get nothing!! You'll rue the day you turned me down for grad school!!! Go on, start ruing now!!!

I now work for state government as a technician in the communications field (2-way radio, aircraft navigation, electronic traffic control devices, surveillance cameras, microwave data communications, weather stations, VoIP, and (small amounts of) computer networking. I can't say what division I work for, but I drive a big orange truck with amber lights and can be seen occasionally leaning against an shovel oscilloscope. How I got there from a college degree in biology is a long story. It's not glamorous, but the pay is decent and the benefits are good!

I continue to be enamored with wolves, as I have been since I was 16 (which was a few years ago) and would kill to find a paying or non-paying job working with captive wolves. Which is to say, that's almost, but not quite likely as winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning. Maybe someday. :>

I've been a ham radio operator since 1984 (yes, back when you had to learn morse code!). I also have my FCC General Radiotelephone Operator's License (which allows me to work on aircraft and shipboard radio).

I love cars, especially weird and eclectic ones. My dream car is a 1972 Citroen DS estate. If that's not proof that I'm weird, I don't know what is.

I also like all things squeaky, but then, some of you already knew that (see "interests). If you didn't, then it's probably not something you care about :)

On January 7th, 2010, I founded the Church of Baconology and have ordained [info]shutaro as the Holy High Priest of the church, or "BaconPope" as he's otherwise known.

Yes, I am an electronics geek, but not the computer programming kind, and I couldn't program my way out of a paper bag. Instead, I'd just build a laser from a set of schematics and blast my way out!
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